Friday, 6 April 2007

How Do You Swing?

I'm working on the follow-up title to SWINGERS right now, and want to make sure I've got the best possible range of stories in this title. Do you swing? Have you tried swinging? Have you got a story to tell?

SWINGERS is a collection of anecdotes and interviews from UK swingers. It shows the good and the bad sides of swinging, and tries to explain to those outside the swinging world what motivates the swinging community. The stories include all the raunchy elements that are usually associated with swinging, as well as personal insights into the lifestyle that have been offered by many of its genuine participants.

SWINGERS 2 (that's a working title, I don't really lack imagination) will build on the success of the previous title and continue with the sex positive theme. If you're a swinger, or if you've been a swinger, and if you think you have a story that deserves to go in the next edition, please get in touch so you can tell me your story.