Saturday, 14 April 2007


Several of the female swingers I've spoken to have said a lot about their bisexuality being the reason for their swinging. This makes sense but, it doesn't seem to have a the same balance on the male side.

Yes, there are many bisexual male swingers. I've spoken to dozens of them and appreciate that the bisexual element of their personality was a motivating factor that encouraged them towards swinging. But their seems to be a disparity in figures. I'd say that one in five guys I've spoken with admits to some bisexual tendencies, while for women I'd say that one in five renounced the idea of having any bisexual interest.

Would you agree that I'm right with these figures? Or have I just been speaking with the wrong guys and girls? Feedback would be particularly appreciated on this topic. Enquiring minds etc. You all have the email address (it's at the bottom of the page for newcomers) and I appreciate hearing your thoughts.