Sunday, 15 April 2007

Secrets Revisited

I mentioned secrecy the other day and posed the question "Why do some swingers feel the need to keep their swinging secret?" At the time I thought it was a valid point. If a person swings, what business is it to anyone else? What possible difference could it make to those outside swinging if they are informed about the activities of friends or family who do swing.

And then I watched the news. It was wall-to-wall royal family. The media was only interested in covering the story of one of the princes breaking up with his girlfriend. I can't remember which prince it was. My interest in the royal family doesn't stretch far enough for me to look up their names. But I was stunned by the media's voracious interest in the simple break-up of some young bloke and his girlfriend. Every bulletin had an update. Reporters and camera crews were camped outside his house, outside her house, talking to friends, trying to get a statement from the palace...

You get the picture.

Which is my way of saying I can totally understand why some people would want to keep their swinging a secret. If the press are going to invest so much time and effort into something as a boyfriend and girlfriend breaking up, imagine what they'd be like if they got wind of a story about someone interesting - like a swinger!