Sunday, 8 April 2007

My Excuse - I've been playing with Dr Kamikaze

I apologise if you're waiting for me to get back to you. Technically it's not my fault. It's Dr Kamikaze. I think that's his name. He's the Brain Training Guy and I have to concede that either he's highly addictive or I'm a very weak-willed individual.

Considering I smoke, drink and have never once resisted temptation, it's probably me at fault on this occasion, but I'm digressing here, aren't I?

I've been playing Dr Kamikaze's Brain Training game, and it really is absorbing. According to the good doctor an ideal brain age is somewhere in its 20's. I'm struggling to get down from a score of 72.

But I don't see that as a negative. I think Dr Kamikaze hasn't thought this through.

Personally, if I were setting up a think tank, the last thing I would want to employ would be people with a brain (and corresponding body) age of 20. This is the equivalent of employing one of the Cheeky Girls instead of Stephen J Hawkings. Admittedly, the office parties are likely to be more fun but, if you're wanting to get some serious work done, then you've probably made a big mistake.

And the game really is addictive. I can spend hours with the damn thing when I should be either writing, reading, taking care of emails, prepping an essay or tending to my basic personal hygiene. However, I can say that is all behind me now. I have disciplined myself (kinky!) and seta new order to the day. I intend to respond to all emails ASAP, get back to my former work ethic, and reprioritise Dr Kamikaze so I can continue with the important things in my life.

I'll just check out the Advanced Sodoku option first. Talk to you tomorrow.