Tuesday, 8 May 2007


I guess I'm in a fairly reflective mood today so, if you want to skip the potential gloominess, I don't blame you. See you next time.

For those masochists who are left...

You know those days when you start to think about stuff? Wow! Good word from a writer there. You can see the college classes have paid off. Shall I start again?

You know those days when you reflect on all that you've learnt from life - and then realise you are clearly not very good at learning? Well, I've been having one of those days today. What have I been reflecting on?

Women appreciate a sense of humour - but employers don't rate this attribute very highly. (In particular I'm thinking about a managing director I used to work for who never laughed when I passed on telephone messages along the lines of "David! Your mummy called.")

Actually, do women appreciate a sense of humour? I started to tell a joke to my sister-in-law recently, saying, "You're a fat lass, you'll appreciate this..." and she didn't stick around to hear the gag. I think that proves that some women don't have a sense of humour.

I'll move on before I offend anyone. What else have I been reflecting on?

Good sex is very much like the TV remote: you can spend hours trying to find it, when you used to manage the same task by hand in a few satisfying seconds.

Is this a brown study, or am I languishing in a blue mood? I've never had the ability to associate colours with moods, apart from the colour red. Red is for sex, danger, traffic lights and painful inflmataions. All the other associations of colour seem (to me) to be pretentious and contrived. Blue doesn't make me feel particularly tranquil. It's just blue. The colour of a blue sky or the colour of a blue sea or the colour of a blue towel. And brown simply confuses me, especially the pale ones: is it fawn, tan, milk chocolate, sepia? what the hell is it? I can only ever associate the colour green with cheese that's been forgotten in the fridge. And, in British Sign Language, the sign for yellow is to draw a line from your ear as though ear wax has dribbled out. I don't really want to associate anything with that. It's kind of a icky.

Icky! Another good college word.

OK, I'm rambling. I'll cut this short and let you get on with your stuff. Thanks for reading. Thanks even more for commenting.