Wednesday, 2 May 2007


As most of you will be aware, I seldom update on a Wednesday. This is partly because Wednesdays are busy for me (skool, pedicure, bath day etc) and partly because I lack the imagination to write this block seven days a week.

However, after being given the honour of writing the ERWA newsletter earlier this week, and receiving such tremendous feedback from so many people, I thought it appropriate to spend my Wednesday morning thanking everyone for their kind words.


If you're here and looking for witty words of wisdom, then this post has come at the wrong time of the day for you. I'm only two coffees into the morning and still rolling my first cigarette. Humour only comes after I've been sufficiently toxinated to cope with the forthcoming trials and tribulations.

Although I did smile a little last night. I was watching a reality TV show where the show's host was encouraging a lady (unhappy with her figure) to model lingerie on a catwalk in front of X thousand people. After her successful appearance on the catwalk (and she did look fantastic) the host said, "Thank you for pulling it off for me."

Now that's my kind of reality TV ;-)