Thursday, 3 May 2007


Circumstances recently took me to a job interview where I faced five women. I was wearing my best suit and shinest shoes and looking quite splendid and lovely. I'd washed and shaved my important parts and I smelled like a florists shop on Valentine's Day. The only cloud on the horizon was the fact that each of the women wore a name badge on the breast of their blouse.

I'm not going to mention that one of the women was called PAT. A badge with the word PAT pinned to a lady's left breast reads like an invitation. And, for clarity's sake, I should point out that each lady only wore one badge, it wasn't like the left breast was called JANE and the right one was called MARY.

But the situation did present a problem for someone with my delicate sensibilities. In most polite circles it's rude for a gentleman to publicly ogle a lady's breasts. But I was in an interview where I was expected to address these people by name, and the names were printed on their breasts. Should I have taken the stupidly polite route, not used their names, and saved myself the embarrassment of being thought to be ogling. Or would they understand that, when my eyes kept dipping to their cleavage, I wasn't trying to get an eyeful. I was only trying to read their names?

Consequently I didn't get the job. Perhaps it had something to do with my directing too many questions to MRS D CUP and MRS NIPPLE.

But I would like to hear some feminine voices on this issue. Do you enjoy having your assetts admired? Or is it creepy to have guys leering?