Saturday, 22 December 2007

You can judge a book by its cover

They say: “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”

This is, of course, absolute bollocks. I’ve walked round Waterstones and W H Smiths this Christmas. I’ve seen the covers for books about terrorism, sex, zombies, sex, vampires and kinky sex. These covers have all been well rendered and I’ve instantly judged: none of the books would make ideal Christmas presents for any of my pre-school nephews or nieces.

And, if I needed further proof that this saying is rubbish, I yesterday received cover proofs for my forthcoming title, Swingers: Female Confidential. The picture is lurking somewhere on this page and, if it’s uploaded properly, you can see that it looks truly fantastic.

I really am impressed with this cover. I love the image; I love the no-nonsense font that’s been used for my name; and I love the saucy green panties that the model is wearing. Isn’t it a coincidence that I own a pair in exactly the same colour?

For those of you who are interested in such things, the book is available on 10th July in the UK with the US release date still to be confirmed. Whereas my first Swingers title (Swingers: True Confessions From Today’s Swinging Scene) concentrated on interviews with swinging couples, Swingers: Female Confidential focuses on intimate confessions from female swingers.

It was fun to research; it was a pleasure to write; and I sincerely hope it proves a joy to read. Being honest, I think the cover looks so good I’m off to pre-order a copy for myself.