Saturday, 19 July 2008

SWINGERS: Female Confidential

I've just read the last blog entry for this page which begins, "Don't expect to hear much from me over the next few weeks..." Well, I hadn't expected it to be quite such a long time.

But now I'm back and buzzing with news. Forget the awards, accolades and certificates recognising my genius. The most important thing I have to say here is that SWINGERS: Female Confidential is now on sale in the UK.

Which, I know, is nothing more than shameless publicity. But the book is damned good and well worth the money. If I hadn't written it and received a nominal number of author's copies, I'd be rushing out to get one of these.

What's in the book? I'm glad you asked. Female Confidential is filled with interviews I carried out with female members of the swinging community. The format follows the same idea as the original title, allowing the swingers I spoke with to give their own slant on the lifestyle, but this time I was only speaking to women.

Well, that's not technically true. I spoke with some couples where the male partner was insistent on being heard. But those interviews didn't make it to the final draft. This is just me chatting with the ladies - and talking non-stop sex.

Who did I talk with? Well, that would be telling. I've spoken with swingers who can otherwise be described as sexy students or glamorous grannies, and most other alliterative phrases from inbetween those two ends of the spectrum.

The Daily Record did a large feature on the book earlier this week (they called me King of the Swingers, which was very sweet of them) and I've been speaking to a couple of radio stations about the book and about swinging over the past few days too.

I shall now make a solemn promise to try and be more dilligent with this blog. I've been a bad boy for not updating more regularly. I must try harder.

Thanks for reading - and look forward to more stuff very soon.

Best - xx

Ashley Lister
PS - Why are you still reading? Either rush out to the shops and buy the book, or log onto Amazon and get yourself a copy.