Saturday, 5 May 2007


If I had the technical skill I would organise a poll for this website. Unfortunately I have enough difficulty remembering my password each morning, so the chances of my organising a poll are fairly remote.

Which is strange really, I've always thought of myself as being bright enough to understand most innovations. However, I only seem to understand them a decade after everyone else has gotten to grips with the subject and decided the knowledge is either obsolete or passe. I'd just managed to operate our household's VCR before it got replaced by a DVD recorder. I'm pretty sure, by the time I've learnt how to use the DVD, we'll have moved onto using the HDD.

So, in the absence of a proper poll facility, I'd like to know which innovations of the last few decades you think has best helped to advance sexual adventurousness. Has the internet made it easier for swinging couples and singles to hook up? Do you think email or digital photography have better helped like-minded adults to get together? It something contemporary like Sat-Nav? Or, like me, are you still marvelling at all the things you can do with a betamax camcorder?

Answers to the usual address please: